Guide to Website Push Notifications + 7 Reasons Why You Should Use Them as a Marketing Tool

Website Push Notifications are small clickable messages that are sent by the website to the browser on laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

They usually appear at the bottom right corner of the laptop screen. In the case of mobile phones and tablets, they land in the notification panel.

The notifications inform the user about such things as new products and services, feature updates, ongoing deals and promotions, new posts and articles, or an abandoned cart.

The best part: The user does not have to be on the website to receive the notifications. How cool is that!

In this article, we will cover

Without further ado, let’s dive deep into why should you consider using Website Push Notifications.

Why use Website Push Notifications?

With almost 6 new posts every second published on WordPress, it seems impossible to keep your website traffic organically growing.

It is therefore important that your audience gets timely updates about the new products, services, and posts.

But how would you do that?

You can not possibly send emails every other day and flood your customers’ inbox.

Nor you can expect them to keep returning to your website daily.

Website Push Notifications is exactly what you need!

Website Push notification is one of the most efficient and emerging marketing tools. It assists you in keeping your content at the forefront of your reader’s mind.

How do Website Push Notifications Work?

Whenever a visitor lands on your website, the first step is to seek the user’s permission to send the push notifications.

This is how it works

  • Once you have a suitable plugin installed for Website Push Notifications, set up a soft opt-in consent box to ask for the user’s approval.
  • A Dialog box will appear at the top of the browser screen. The user can opt-in to Allow or Block the notifications.
    Push Notification Dialog box
  • If the user allows, you can then send timely push notifications to turn the visitor into a potential customer.
  • The notifications containing the deals and updates you want to push will appear on the active browser tab.

The user can change the push notification permission from the browser settings at any time if they feel the messages are too distracting.

Be Sensible, DO NOT overdo. Too many notifications will risk pushing the customers away.

Why are Website Push Notifications Trending as a Top Marketing Tool?

Website Push Notifications are the fastest rising marketing tool in 2020.

Be it an e-commerce website or a blog, business is dull without an engaged audience.

Website Push Notifications are an easy and effective marketing technique to keep your visitors caught up on the happenings at your end.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Web Push Notifications as a Marketing Tool

Of the numerous benefits you will get by making the Website push notification a part of your marketing campaign, we have shortlisted 7 main reasons.

1) Communicate with the Visitor even when they are not on your Website.

Yes! You don’t have to make your users stay on your page to inform them about the new posts. With an active browser, the user will be able to receive notifications from your website anytime.

Deals, promotions, new products or services, posts, feature updates, or even a Thank you notification will help your brand stay on the user’s mind.

2) Get high conversion rates with real-time user engagement.

Sending timely notifications can help increase the conversion rates of your website and drive organic traffic.

The alert messages act as a clickable reminder. You can set up a special discount notification that would create a sense of urgency in the user’s mind and help you get more sales.

3) No Personal Information of the user is required to set up the Website Push Notifications.

This is the part we love the most. From a users’ perspective, most people may be hesitant to give out their names and email with the fear of spam.

With the Website Push Notifications, no such information is required.

You only get to take the consent for sending notifications and that’s it!

This also gives a secure feeling to the user and helps build trust.

4) Supported by multiple browsers and platforms.

Website Push notifications are supported by almost all browsers, be it Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer. You just have to choose a suitable plugin that fits to reach your audience.

Website Push notifications let you send messages on all platforms. Desktop, tablets or mobile phones, they are compatible with all.

5) Easy to use and time-saving.

Push notification plugins are easy to use with a simple interface. Most of them are easy to set up and manage.

They also are time-saving since you don’t have to write long descriptive emails or texts to attract the users to your message. Instead, a short message does the job just as well.

6) Audience Segmentation to target the right users.

With the automated segmentation tool in the website push notification plugins, you can categorize the users, and tailor your messages based on such things as the user’s actions on the website, their location, the device they are using, browsers, past purchase history and the time of visit.

The dashboard insights of the plugin give you all this information. All that makes it easy to target the segmented audience for custom notifications.

7) Time-triggered and Customized notifications.

Nobody likes to get notified about what’s up at your end at odd hours of the night or early in the morning. With the website push notification plugins, you can send in the notifications based on the user’s timezone.

Also, personal customizations like adding names with reminders for abandoned carts and flash sales tend to get more looks and web traffic.

So now that you know how amazing Website Push notifications are, and why should you use them on your website, take a look at the list of 5 Best Website Push Notification Plugins that we have compiled for your WordPress website.


Website Push Notification plugins are becoming popular because of the effective and easy to use perks and benefits they offer.

Use them to promote new services and products, discounts and promotions, get user feedback, notify about an abandoned cart, and much more. Website Push Notifications, when used wisely, help you sell.

In this article, we talked about what are Website Push notifications, how do they work and why they are considered an important marketing tool.

Was this article helpful? We would be happy to hear your opinions in the comments.